Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Crochet how it all began

My personal love of crochet began when I was a child and staying with my grandmother during one of the long six week school summer holiday vacations.
Although retired both Grandma and Grandad were always busy. Both were avid stamp collectors and gardeners. Grandma formally a seamstress by occupation was a lovely homely woman who could turn her hand to …well anything!

By day the house gleamed and the aromas that came from the kitchen were heavenly. In the evening there was no sitting in front of the television quietly for her, she would always be doing something. Grandma was into virtually all sorts of different types of crafts; knitting, rug making, tapestry, tatting, embroidery and of course crochet.

And being a true grandma she would encourage me to have a go myself. If I showed interest in something that she was doing then she would sit down and teach me how to do it also. And this was how my love of crochet began…

I remember on this one particular summer holiday she was crocheting a shawl. It was fabulous, the colours were simply gorgeous and I really enjoyed watching her crochet. The work grew so quickly and there was something so relaxing and therapeutic in watching her as she worked.

The next evening as we settled in front of the television she handed me a crochet hook and told me to choose a colour of yarn from her workbag. Then to my delight instead of working on her own shawl, she got out another hook and ball of yarn and started to show me step by step how to crochet.

We started with a row of chains and by the end of the evening I was well into making a large Granny Square. She was a wonderful teacher and showed me in what I think is the best way to learn anything…She formed a stitch and I copied her…And this was how I learnt to crochet.

Years on I still love the craft and have learnt many new techniques. These I have passed onto my own children and also to my husband who now shares the passion with me, and now it is something I now share with you. For my birthday that year I received a handmade crocheted shawl from my grandparents similar to the one she had been making. I still have it today along with a few other crocheted articles that she made.

Well that is how my love of crochet began – and I hope that I can pass onto you some of the tips and patterns etc that I enjoy myself. Crochet is such a versatile craft and is so wonderfully quick to do when you have mastered the basics.
I hope you find the articles useful and interesting. Should you need help or advice about your own crochet work or have any suggestions regarding articles etc then please ask…interaction and comments would be greatly appreciated.

So now I am off to get out my yarn and hook and start another project – I will write soon about my ideas and endeavours. I urge you to check out my other articles and do the same and hopefully it won’t be long before you are as hooked on crochet as I am!

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